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Anton Machinery Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. mainly designs, manufactures and sells equipment with inner diameter of 2MM and outer diameter of 200MM, low noise, low power consumption, low friction and high precision, high quality deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, conveyor rolling device equipment Bearings, stainless steel bearings, non-standard stamping bearings and other products, as well as precision hardware machinery accessories and induction electromechanical modules, are approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to establish non-regional enterprises.

The joint-venture production base of Anton Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Andong Industrial Park, Hangzhou Bay High-tech Zone, Zhejiang. It covers an area of 280 million square meters and a construction area of 26,000 square meters. It is one of the most comprehensive and large-scale bearing manufacturers in China. The products manufactured by the affiliated manufacturing enterprises have passed IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality system certification; IS014001 environmental protection system certification and ROHS, REACH and other EU environmental protection qualification certifications.


Anton Machinery provides you with a full range of industry solutions


汽车轴承近年来发展迅速,为了满足汽车市场高性能、高功率、 更舒适、更耐用的发展趋势,安东机械在汽车轴承方面投入了更多精力, 逐渐开发出了许多耐高温...

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精密轴承作为医疗设备上的关键零部件,为了适用各种医疗环境,医疗 设备轴承需要在多方面达到医疗使用标准。一般医疗设备轴承选用时需要 注意以下几个方面...

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用于航模的轴承品种型号特别多,要求转速高、噪音小、灵活性好,安东机械 针对市场上各类航空模型产品的实际情况,从原材料选用、热处理工艺改进、轴承 生产和检测...

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办公设备指办公室里常用的如传真机、打印机、碎纸机、投影仪、扫描仪、复印机、 电脑、考勤机、装订机等设备。安东机械自成立以来,便致力于为办公设备行业...

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由于现代机器人正在向轻量化发展,机器人轴承作为其重要的配套件 之一,由于要安装在有限的空间内,要求轴承体积小,质量轻的同时,由于机 器人对运转稳定性、回转精...

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滚珠轴承在健身器材上的转动部件用的很多,优质健身器材轴承经过防 尘防水密封处理后可以有效的降低健身器材使用时的噪声,对提高健身器材 的使用寿命也有较大的影响...

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公司致力于开发中高端电动工具领域轴承,保证其高密封性、低噪音、 长寿命、抗震性;同时由于电机轴承的材料、生产设备及工艺的改善,轴 承的实用性和可靠性...

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公司致力于高精密微型轴承生产研发,制造的家用电器轴承具有运行稳 定、长久静音、精度高、寿命长等特点,经过多年努力,已与国内外家用电 器厂家建立良好合作关系...

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食品和饮料加工机械对轴承性能提出了挑战性的要求。安东机械精心设计 的轴承能够适应频繁转动、污染、温度的变化等恶劣的环境,以满足食品与饮 料工业的需要...

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无人飞机使用的轴承的特点是要求转速高,噪音小,灵活性强。安东机械科 技(广东)有限公司在无人飞机行业多年,积累了丰富的经验。目前和众多的国 内外知名无人机...

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由于市场对于节能、电机安静运行的要求越来越高,无刷直流电机被广泛 应用于各种场合。CNAT轴承可提供一系列定制的解决方案 ,目前和国内外众 多的无刷直流...

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离合器分离轴承是汽车上一个比较重要的零件,如果维护保养不好出现故 障,不但会造成经济损失,而且拆装一次相当麻烦,需耗费很多工时。离合器 分离轴承从无调心性能...

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汽车变速箱在汽车中常称为“变速箱”;在工业机械中常称为“变速机”, 是进行机械动力转换的机械或液压设备。是汽车传动系统的主要组成之一。 汽车的实际使用...

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输送设备主要包括胶带系统,滚筒系统输送设备,输送分配装置, 信息与电气控制系统。CNAT 轴承在物料传送系统中被广泛应用,我们 的工程师具有丰富的...

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CNAT轴承为您提供各种电器配件解决方案,包括:各种高低压 配电电器,如组合电器机构,负荷开关结构, 三工位负荷开关, 隔离机构...

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Hybrid car

In recent years, automotive bearings have developed rapidly. In order to meet the development trend of high performance, high power, more comfort...

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Medical instruments

As a key component in medical equipment, precision bearings need to meet medical use standards in many ways in order to apply to various...

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Toy model airplane

There are many types of bearings for aircraft models, which require high speed, low noise and good flexibility. Anton Machinery aims at the actual situation...

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Office equipment

Office equipment refers to equipment commonly used in offices such as fax machines, printers, shredders, projectors, scanners, copiers, computers, attendance machines ...

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Intelligent machinery

As modern robots are developing towards light weight, robot bearings are one of its important matching parts. Because they need to be installed in a limited...

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Sports equipment

Ball bearings are used in many rotating parts on fitness equipment. The high-quality fitness equipment bearings can effectively reduce the noise during...

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Electric tool

The company is committed to the development of bearings in the field of high-end power tools to ensure their high sealing, low noise, long life , and shock resistance...

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Household electric appliance

The company is equipped with a high capacity, high accuracy, life expectancy, and many other features, such as excellent, high accuracy, life expectancy...

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Food Machinery

Food and beverage processing machinery poses challenging requirements for bearing performance. Anton Machinery's carefully designed bearings can...

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The characteristics of bearings used in unmanned aircraft are high rotation speed, low noise and strong flexibility. Anton Machinery...

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Brushless motor

Due to the increasing requirements of the market for energy saving and quiet motor operation, brushless DC motors are widely used in various occasions....

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Synchronous clutch

The clutch release bearing is a more important part of the car. If the maintenance is not good, the failure will not only cause economic losses...

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Automobile gearboxes are often referred to as "transmissions" in automobiles; they are often referred to as "transmissions" in industrial machinery...

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Logistics equipment

Conveying equipment mainly includes belt system, roller system conveying equipment, conveying and distributing device, information and electrical...

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Electrical accessories

CNAT bearings provide you with a variety of electrical accessories solutions, including: various high and low voltage distribution...

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If movement can create value,We are eager to make eternity.

Relying on domestic professional industry talents and technical resources, strong research and development strength, advanced technology and complete means, we ensure that customers who use our products have more high-quality products and efficient services, making due due to the modernization of Chinas bearing industry Contribution.

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